試験科目:「Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8 Development Introduction」
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>>MB6-704 クラムメディア

試験科目:「Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installation」
問題と解答:全90問 MB2-708 認定テキスト

>>MB2-708 認定テキスト


NO.1 You have a deployment of Dynamics CRM 2015 that contains one server.
You need to make the deployment available to users on the Internet.
Which action should you perform first from Deployment Manager?
A. Run the Internet-Facing Deployment Configuration Wizard.
B. Configure the Incoming Email setting.
C. Disable the server.
D. Run the Configure Claims-Based Authentication Wizard.
Answer: A

Microsoft学習 MB2-708 MB2-708クエリ
Configure an Internet-facing Deployment using the Configure Internet-Facing Deployment Wizard.

NO.2 Which data encryption technology does Dynamics CRM 2015 use to encrypt password fields in
system entities?
A. Encrypting File System (EFS)
B. Data Encryption Standard (DES)
C. Bitlocker Drive Encryption (BitLocker)
D. Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)
Answer: D

Microsoft日本語講座 MB2-708 MB2-708オンライン試験 MB2-708日本語サンプル
* Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses standard Microsoft SQL Server ; cell level encryption for a set of
default entity attributes that contain sensitive information, such as user names and email passwords.
* The use of SQL TDE - Transparent Data Encryption is a great way to secure your Microsoft Dynamics
CRM systems, especially when they contain sensitive data like credit cards or social security numbers.

NO.3 You are responsible for a large global deployment of Dynamics CRM 2015 for users located in
France and the United States.
All of the users have client computers that run Windows 8.1 and have Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
for Outlook installed. The base language is English.
You plan to upgrade Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for Outlook to the most recent version.
The users in France request that their base language be French.
You successfully upgrade Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook for the users in the United States.
The upgrade for the users in France fails.
You need to identify the cause of the upgrade failure.
What should you identify?
A. You can upgrade the client only if the base languages match.
B. You failed to install the French language pack for Windows before you started the upgrade.
C. You failed to install the French language pack on the server.
D. You failed to set the base language on the server to French.
Answer: A

Microsoft試験準備 MB2-708 MB2-708パッケージ MB2-708訓練 MB2-708日本語
To upgrade CRM for Outlook, the base language of CRM 2015 for Outlook must match the base
language of CRM 2013 for Outlook.

NO.4 You have a network that contains a single IP subnet.
You deploy a Microsoft SQL Server cluster that contains two SQL Server servers.
You launch the setup program for Dynamics CRM 2015.
You need to configure Dynamics CRM 2015 to use the SQL Server cluster.
What should you enter on the Select SQL Server page?
A. The management IP address of the SQL Server cluster
B. The IP address of one of the SQL Server servers
C. The virtual server name of the SQL Server cluster
D. The name of one of the SQL Server servers
Answer: C

Microsoft認定テキスト MB2-708受験方法 MB2-708復習資料
In the Edit Organization Wizard, in the SQL Server box, type the virtual SQL Server name for the SQL
Server cluster that you created earlier, and then click Next.

NO.5 You have an Internet-facing deployment of Dynamics CRM 2015 that contains only one server.
Users report that they must add the TCP port number to the URL in the Internet Explorer address bar
to access the Dynamics CRM server.
You need to provide to the users a simple URL that does not contain the TCP port.
What should you do?
A. From the Dynamics CRM server, create a host header.
B. From each user's computer, add the URL to the Local intranet zone.
C. From Active Directory, deploy a Group Policy object (GPO).
D. From the Dynamics CRM server, modify the port settings of the default website.
Answer: A

Microsoft試験スクール MB2-708目的 MB2-708問題集 MB2-708的中率 MB2-708認定 MB2-708オフィシャル

NO.6 You ask a technician to deploy Dynamic CRM Server 2015.
Once the technician completes the deployment you discover that Dynamics CRM Workgroup Server
2015 was deployed.
You need to tell the technician what to use in the future to ensure that the Server edition is
What should you tell the technician to use?
A. A different version of Microsoft SQL Server
B. A different product key
C. A different version of Windows Server
D. A different version of the installer
Answer: B

Microsoftサービス MB2-708 MB2-708改訂 MB2-708 MB2-708勉強法 MB2-708
If have your enterprise key you can just go to deployment manager and change it. Deployment
Manager >> Right Click >> Change Product Key. However, if you are not able to upgrade it by
changing the license key than other option you have is to uninstall CRM Server (Workgroup) and
install enterprise version that you have downloaded from download center.

NO.7 You need to create a relationship between email and records by using information that is stored
in the email message header, such as the sender and the recipient.
What should you use?
A. The tracking token
B. The Email Router
C. Server-side synchronization
D. Smart matching
Answer: D

Microsoft段階 MB2-708コマンド MB2-708リンクグローバル MB2-708明細カテゴリ MB2-708訓練
When an incoming email message is processed by the Email Router, the system extracts information
associated with the email message subject, sender address, and recipients' addresses that link the
email activity to other Microsoft Dynamics CRM records. This correlation process, also known as
smart matching, uses the following criteria to match received email message information to email
*Subject matching. Prefixes, such as RE: or Re:, and letter case are ignored. For example,
email message subjects with Re: hello and Hello would be considered a match.
*Sender and recipient matching. The system calculates the number of exact sender and recipient
email addresses in common.
When the matching process is complete, the system selects the owner and the object of the incoming
email message.

NO.8 You have a deployment of Dynamics CRM 2015 that contains four organizations.
You plan to implement an Internet-facing deployment.
You need to ensure that the organizations are accessible to Internet-based clients.
What should you create in DNS?
A. Four host (A) records
B. Four start of authority (SOA) records
C. One service location (SRV) record
D. One canonical name (CNAME) record
Answer: A

Microsoftパッケージ MB2-708 vce MB2-708模試エンジン MB2-708資格トレーニング
If you have not already done so, add host records in DNS for the IFD endpoints (for

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セキュリティ、およびデータベース アクセス (30-35%) の管理します。

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