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70-697 信頼度難易度受験料 - ように作成されたもの70-697 信頼度です、彼らは予想を超えていた70-697 信頼度 - カバー率が高くて70-697 信頼度 & 70-697 信頼度ベストな選択だといっても良いです、当サイトの70-697 信頼度日本語問題集さえ - 学習教材はどんな問題があれば70-697 信頼度 & 難しいようですね70-697 信頼度 - きっといいサポットを提供いたします70-697 信頼度、編集して整理されたもの70-697 信頼度で - シミュレーション訓練宿題で70-697 信頼度 - まず我々の70-697 信頼度無料な試用版の問題と解答を使ってみることができます、試験の70-697 信頼度模擬試験 参考書勉強

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試験科目:「Configuring Windows Devices」
問題と解答:全120問 70-697 日本語版参考資料

>> 70-697 日本語版参考資料

試験科目:「Server Virtualization with Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center (74-409日本語版)」
問題と解答:全99問 74-409日本語 受験対策

>> 74-409日本語 受験対策


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Exam 74-409
Server Virtualization with Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center

Published: November 5, 2013
Languages: English, Japanese
Audiences: IT professionals
Technology: Windows Server 2012
Credit toward certification: MCP, Microsoft Specialist

Skills measured
This exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below. The percentages indicate the relative weight of each major topic area on the exam. The higher the percentage, the more questions you are likely to see on that content area on the exam. View video tutorials about the variety of question types on Microsoft exams.

Please note that the questions may test on, but will not be limited to, the topics described in the bulleted text.

Do you have feedback about the relevance of the skills measured on this exam? Please send Microsoft your comments. All feedback will be reviewed and incorporated as appropriate while still maintaining the validity and reliability of the certification process. Note that Microsoft will not respond directly to your feedback. We appreciate your input in ensuring the quality of the Microsoft Certification program.

If you have concerns about specific questions on this exam, please submit an exam challenge.

Configure Hyper-V (35-40%)
Create and configure virtual machine (VM) settings
Configure dynamic memory, configure smart paging, configure Resource Metering, configure guest integration services, create and configure Generation 1 and 2 virtual machines, configure and use extended session mode, and configure RemoteFX
Create and configure virtual machine storage
Create VHDs and VHDx, configure differencing drives, modify VHDs, configure pass-through disks, manage checkpoints, implement a virtual Fibre Channel adapter, configure storage Quality of Service
Create and configure virtual networks
Configure Hyper-V virtual switches, optimize network performance, configure MAC addresses, configure network isolation, configure synthetic and legacy virtual network adapters, configure NIC teaming in virtual machines

Configure and manage virtual machine high availability (15-20%)
Configure failover clustering with Hyper-V
Configure shared storage, configure Quorum, configure cluster networking, restore single node or cluster configuration, implement Cluster Aware Updating, upgrade a cluster, configure and optimize clustered shared volumes, and configure clusters without network names
Manage failover clustering roles
Configure role-specific settings, including continuously available shares, configure VM monitoring, configure failover and preference settings, and configure guest clustering
Manage virtual machine movement
Perform Live Migration, perform quick migration, perform storage migration, import, export, and copy VMs; configure virtual machine network health protection, configure drain on shutdown, manage virtual-to-virtual (V2V) migrations, and implement virtual machine migration between clouds

Implement a server virtualization infrastructure (35-40%)
Implement virtualization hosts
Implement delegation of virtualization environment (hosts, services, and virtual machines), including self-service capabilities; implement multi-host libraries, including equivalent objects; implement host resource optimization; integrate third-party virtualization platforms; and deploy Hyper-V hosts to bare metal
Implement virtual machines
Implement highly available VMs; implement guest resource optimization, including shared VHDx, configure placement rules, create a Virtual Machine Manager template
Implement virtualization networking
Configure Virtual Machine Manager logical networks, including virtual switch extensions and logical switches; configure IP address and MAC address settings across multiple Hyper-V hosts, including network virtualization; configure virtual network optimization; plan and implement Windows Server Gateway; implement VLANs and pVLANs; plan and implement virtual machine networks; and implement converged networks
Implement virtualization storage
Configure Hyper-V host clustered storage; configure Hyper-V virtual machine storage, including virtual Fibre Channel, Internet SCSI (iSCSI), and shared VHDx; plan for storage optimization; and plan and implement storage by using SMB 3.0 file shares
Manage and maintain a server virtualization infrastructure
Manage dynamic optimization and resource optimization, integrate Operations Manager with System Center Virtual Machine Manager and System Center Service Manager, update virtual machine images in libraries, implement backup and recovery of a virtualization infrastructure by using System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM)

Monitor and maintain a server virtualization infrastructure (15-20%)
Plan and implement a monitoring strategy
Planning considerations, including monitoring servers using Audit Collection Services (ACS) and System Center Global Service Monitor, performance monitoring, application monitoring, centralized monitoring, and centralized reporting; implement and optimize System Center 2012 Operations Manager management packs; and plan for monitoring Active Directory
Plan and implement a business continuity and disaster recovery solution
Plan a backup and recovery strategy; planning considerations, including Active Directory domain and forest recovery, Hyper-V replica, including using Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager, domain controller restore and cloning, and Active Directory object and container restore using authoritative restore and Recycle Bin; and plan for and implement backup and recovery by using System Center DPM

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